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Daughters day 2010 in India Free Greeting & Quotes

In any case, India is a country that as a girl was born, a curse of the poor, in many families. Million couples are unhappy when they realize that a baby born to a woman. In fact, some of them are so miserable that even the female fetus killing babies in the womb.
Thus, according to a report by the Indian Express: Nearly five million female fetuses aborted each year more than 10,000 girls are victims of infanticide, and all the girls sixth child death is due to gender discrimination. In addition, 50 percent of all sexual assaults against girls aged 15 or less are required, said Col Harinder Chehalis, director of Fortis Hospital Mohali. Remain poor addition to improving the health of women, health and welfare of society, he said.
The statistics are nothing to get excited. It is shameful and tragic. The reality is that most people are not aware of this tragedy in India. Dowry is a big problem across the country. What is even more tragic is that many students suffer from the problem of dowry.
Therefore, daughters from 2010 days in India was in the hope of solving and improving the status of girls in all families from all over the country.
If you are a parent, then instead of looking maps and quotes on the day girls give your girl a little love and respect.