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Old Mobile Phones: Unfashionable But Suitable

As a saying goes like that diamond is the best friend of women. Thus, Tag Heuer makes diamond watches with purpose to attract women and further to gain more profits. These watches are sorted into different lines including the prevalent Aquaracer and Formula 1 Series.

It is women’s instinct to flaunt their beauty as well as the accessories on them. Grasping such a feature, Tag Heuer produces diamond watches for those who are fond of collecting watches which are encrusted with diamonds or come in high quality. So far, they have released many kinds of diamond watches. Below, I especially selected out some models to talk about.

Firstly, Aquaracer 2000 Women’s Diamond Watch, it comes with a bracelet crafted from 18K gold fused with stainless steel and has totally 35 sparkling diamonds encrusted on the 18K gold bezel, making it sophisticated and luxurious.

Secondly, Diamond Fiction Watch, it is ultimately luxurious with no less than 879 Wesselton diamonds sparkling for women’s hearts, gorgeous and stunning in appearance and exquisite in craftsmanship.

Thirdly, Formula 1 Ladies Diamond Watch, it reinterprets Tag Heuer Formula 1 series in a feminine method, sophisticated with 120 dazzling diamonds enchased on it. It features a black watch dial and a scratched and durable sapphire crystal glass.

Fourthly, Link Diamond Dial Watch for women, it is stunning for the mother-of-pearl dial with sparkling diamonds in the dial indexed. It perfectly combines gold with stainless steel to form the stylish bracelet.

Abovementioned are just a few of Tag Heuer Diamond Watches. Apart from these women’s luxury watches, this famous brand also produces elegant, durable and complicated sports watches for men. These sports timepieces are renowned to all for the beautiful design and great durability.

Most of people consider that Tag Heuer watches are all sold at astronomical prices. That is true for the diamond types or a certain models. However, there also come many affordable models with high quality and elegant design to choose from. Tag Heuer has different kinds of watches with different names.

Since the establishment, it never ceased producing splendid watches for the customers. As only as you can name the diamond watches, you are destined to find them in Tag Heuer. The only insufficiency relies on the hefty prices. Who knows, maybe someday you are in a position to buy one.

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